ABC Danmark

We help Bhutanese people integrate into the Danish Society



We Represent Our Members

Our Organisation has more than 500 members scattered around Denmark. We represent our members in political and social discussions. 


We Promote Integration

We lobby for creating services that help us become self-reliant, an essential step on the road to obtaining full integration into the danish society. 


We Communicate and Advocate

The 1951 Refugee Convention lists the possibility of equal participation and acquiring citizenship as a significant issue associated with successful integration. We communicate with our members about the possibility of obtaining Danish citizenship and advocate for the necessary legal changes required to reduce statelessness among our members.


We Preserve Identity

Although we come from the same country, we have ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity. As an umbrella organization, we work to preserve all our minority culture, languages, and religion.


We Collaborate

We collaborate not only with our sister organizations but also with regional, national, and European organizations that work for integration and reduction of statelessness. 



We Consult

We are no legal experts, but we consult our members individually on the matters related to work, education, and integration.


Promoting Mutual Understanding

We encourage understanding between Bhutanese people and the local community by cultural exchanges, thereby creating an environment of helping each other.

Advocating for the Rights of Disabled Refugee

We advocate for swift and systematic identification and registration of refugees with disabilities, with particular attention to those who cannot communicate their own needs. We uphold the right to permanent residence and citizenship for people with disabilities. 


Bringing Youths Together Through Sport

We organize sports events that extend beyond sport for sport’s sake. We aim at developing social capital and reducing crime and anti-social behavior among the youths of our community.

Teaching Native Language

Maintaining the first language is not just critical to identity, but it also helps learn Danish. We believe children with strong first-language skills are more ready and able to learn a second language.

We are currently able to teach only one native language (Nepali); However, we hope to extend this to all native languages spoken in our community which includes, Rai, Tamang, Gurung, and Monger.


Organizing and Facilitating Cultural Programs

We are rich culturally. Among 900 members, we share three major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity) and more than 12 different religious sects. We also have a sizable population of Kirati people who does not belong to any dominant religion. 

We have always coexisted among various religious lines; This explains our nature of respect and acceptance. We want to keep our value of diversity and tolerance intact not by forgetting our culture but by preserving them. ABCD, through its sister organizations, organize and facilitate at least five cultural programs every year.