ABC Danmark


§ 1. Association’s name and location

The association was founded on 23rd October 2010 under the name “Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark”. The postal address of the association is Gl Næssevej 21, 8700 Horsens.

§ 2. Aims and Objectives

Stk. 1. To help the resettled Bhutanese refugees to integrate in the Danish society.

Stk. 2. To represent the common interest of Bhutanese to different organizations at local, regional, national and international level.

Stk. 3. To preserve and promote Bhutanese identity, culture, tradition, language and history of origin among Bhutanese in Denmark.

Stk. 4. To contribute to mutual understanding between Bhutanese and Danish people, thereby creating an environment of helping each other when necessary.

Stk. 5. To communicate and advocate assistance for Bhutanese resettled in Denmark, according to Danish law when necessary.

Stk. 6. To keep up-to-date data of Bhutanese resettled in Denmark.

§ 3. Membership

Stk. 1. Members of the association can be individuals, organizations, firms and similar and they are resettled Bhutanese, Danish citizens and people with other minorities, who cooperate with the association.

Stk. 2. A membership is for one year, that means it should be renewed every year by paying the amount of subscription approved by the general assembly.

Stk. 3. Minors above 15 years can be considered as passive member, who has no voting rights, without the obligation of membership fee and with the consent of legal guardians.

Stk. 4. It is the responsibility of the members to report any changes made in their address to the association.

Stk. 5. The membership of the association will be automatically terminated if not renewed at a specified time by the committee. However, resumption can take place after paying the annual subscription.

§ 4. Subscription

Stk. 1. The amount of the subscription for membership for both individuals and organizations are proposed by the committee of the association and approved by the general assembly.

Stk. 2. The payment of the subscription can be made directly into the association’s bank account.

§ 5. Entry, Withdrawal and Termination

Stk. 1. Entry of membership can be made at any time with the permission of the board on the basis of prevailing association’s rules.

Stk. 2. Withdrawal of membership can be made at any time, but the paid membership fee will not be refunded.

Stk. 3. The committee has full authority to terminate a member from membership for longer, shorter or indefinite period if found acting against the norms of the association.

Stk. 4. Terminated member/members can apply for the renewal of membership if he/she apologies in written. However, the renewal will be granted only if the committee is convinced with the explanation in the application.

§ 6. Rights and Obligations of Members

Stk. 1. All members have voting rights as well as the right to take part and benefit from every activity or program conducted or organized by the association. Minors are not subjected for voting rights.

Stk. 2. Positive and constructive ideas, suggestions, and proposals are always welcomed.

Stk. 3. The members have the obligation to comply with both: constitution approved by the general meeting and the decision made by the committee.

§ 7. Annual General Assembly

Stk. 1. The general assembly is the highest authority of the association.

Stk. 2. The general meeting takes place every year before the end of July.

Stk. 3. The general assembly elects a chairman to monitor the proceedings of the assembly, and a reporter to make a report on the proceedings and resolutions made by the assembly

Stk. 4. All members have the admission to the general assembly and members who have paid the subscription will have one vote each.

Stk. 5. Voting insist appearance in person.

Stk. 6. The decisions of the general assembly are based on a simple majority of the members present unless specified by other laws.

Stk. 7. The President’s vote shall be counted twice in case of a tie for any motion.

Stk. 8. The resolutions and proceedings of the assembly will be minuted by the reporter and it is validated by the signature of the chairman and the reporter.

Stk. 9. A notice of at least one month along with the agenda shall be given either through e-mail or letter for calling the annual general assembly.

Stk. 10. Proposals/motions, if any, should be received in written by the committee no later than 15 days before the general assembly is held.

Stk. 11. Agenda for Annual General Assembly:

Election of chairman
Election of reporter
Presentation of Committee’s report of the previous year
Presentation of the previous calendar year‘s audited accounts
Presentation of plan by the committee for the coming year
Determination of subscription for the following year
Treatment of the motions/proposals
Election of committee members according to 9
Election of an Auditor and an alternate auditor according to 12
§ 8. Extraordinary General Assembly

Stk. 1. In case of urgency of any major issues which could not be decided by the committee and if it is impossible to wait until the coming annual general assembly, an extraordinary general assembly can be called at any time by at least 4 committee members, or if one fifth of the members submits a written application to the board.

Stk. 2. The assembly will be called not before one month after the submission of the application.

Stk. 3. § 7 beside stk. 2, is applicable for the extraordinary general assembly.

§ 9. Committee

Stk. 1. The committee members of the association for the posts mentioned in §9 stk. 2 are elected at the general assembly by members’ voting.

Stk. 2. The committee always has 7 members – 1 president, 1 treasurer and 5 regional members. If the need arises in a future for the post of Vice President, Secretary, Chief Coordinator, Cultural Coordinator and Sports Coordinator, then board members can divide the responsibilities among themselves.

Stk. 3. The decisions at the committee meeting must always be reported.

Stk. 4. The committee members are elected for two years in the following manner-four members are elected in every odd years and three members in every even years. However, this does not apply to the first General Assembly. In the first General Assembly, all the members of the committee are elected.

Stk. 5. In case any committee member resigns from his/her post before the general assembly, he/she will be substituted by another committee member.

§ 10. Committee Meeting and Work Distribution

Stk. 1. Committee meeting should be called by any committee member with at least 10 days’ notice for any genuine issues/issue.

Stk. 2. The quorum for the committee meeting is four and decisions are based on simple majority.

Stk. 3. The proceedings and decisions made at the meeting should be recorded and reported by the secretary.

Stk. 4. The committee members can divide the workload and responsibility among them and function according to their convenience. Furthermore, the committee can decide to delegate one’s responsibility to another committee member in case he/she is not available for a particular period.

§ 11. Accounts

Stk. 1. The accounting year of the association is the calendar year, i.e. 1st January to 31st December.

Stk. 2. The year of the subscription is from 1. August to 31th July.

Stk. 3. The treasurer keeps the record of all financial transactions and the assets of the organization.

Stk. 4. All cash received as membership fee and grants/donations, except petty cash for petty expenditure, should be deposited into the bank account of the association. The bank account should be opened in a recognized bank.

Stk. 5. A final account should be prepared by the treasurer at the end of the financial year and it should be audited internally by the president before presenting to the elected auditor for approval.

Stk. 6. The approved account by the elected auditor should be presented to the committee 1½ months before the general assembly.

§ 12. Auditor and Auditor alternate

Stk. 1. An auditor is elected in every odd year’s general assembly and an auditor alternate in every even year’s general assembly. However, in the first general assembly, both will be elected.

Stk. 2. The elected auditor has to audit and approved the internally audited account.

Stk. 3. In case, due to unavoidable circumstances, if the auditor resigns from his/her post, the alternate auditor will take charge of him/her till the coming general assembly.

§ 13. Amendment of the Constitution

Stk. 1. The regulations of the association can only be amended in the general assembly with 2/3 of the members’ votes attending the general assembly.

§ 14. Dissolution

Stk. 1. The association can be dissolved through a general assembly called for the purpose with at least two third votes of the members present in the assembly. The assets of the association shall be given as a grant to any social organization as decided by the general assembly.