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Vi hjælpe bhutaneserne med at integrere sig i Danmark

Hvem er vi

Nuværende / tidligere statsløse kvoteflytninge fra Bhutan der bor i Danmark

Expelled by Bhutan during the 90s, we found refuge in Nepal for the next 20 years, surviving an inhospitable policy and statelessness. From 2007, the governments of Denmark, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States started to host the Bhutanese refugees to provide a “Durable solution” to our problem. Among 900 of Bhutanese refugees resettled in Denmark most of us (890) are still stateless. 

As the UNHCR handpicked the most vulnerable group of people to be resettled in Denmark, we as a community do not have enough resources and ability to advocate for our-self. The mainstream Danish society has not heard enough about us; we are forgotten.

With the current anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiments in Denmark, it is almost impossible to talk about solving our real problem-the problem of statelessness. However, with passionate stories of Bhutanese people, and their genuine interest to integrate to the danish society, we want to promote mutual understanding to create an environment to help Bhutanese stateless refugees become the Danish nationals.
Med de nuværende anti indvandrer-og anti flygtninge følelser i Danmark er det næsten umuligt at tale om at løse problemet med statsløshed. Men med lidenskabelige historier om bhutanske mennesker og deres oprigtige interesse i at blive integreret i det danske samfund ønsker vi at fremme gensidig forståelse for at skabe et miljø, som kan hjælpe bhutanske statsløse flygtninge med at blive danske statsborgere.   .


I was born stateless to stateless parents in a refugee camp

After living nine years in Denmark and doing everything that was expected of me, I am still a passport less, stateless, protection less refugee. The current regulation means that my station is not likely to change at least for another decade

I am a 70-year-old with a hearing problem and no prior education? I still need to pass DU3

I had never been to school before I came to Denmark. The teachers in language school, based on my hearing problem, evaluated that there is no use trying to educate me. However, the immigration authorities still require me to pass the danish exam equivalent to the final exam of the 9th grade